Titanium Sputtering Target

Titanium Plate Target

Titanium Plate Target
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Titanium plate Titanium plate target Titanium square target:

Grades: TA1, TA2, TA3, TC4, Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr5

Purity: 99.6%

Density: 4.51g/cm3)

Melting point: 1660℃

Specifications: customized according to customer requirements

Titanium target manufacturing process: forging-turning-inspection-finished titanium target.

Uses: strong corrosion resistance, high heat-resistant specific strength, and good plasticity.

Duration: Delivery within 10 days of order (spot delivery at any time).

Payment method: 30% deposit, 70% paid before delivery.

Packing: Packed in a wooden box with plastic partitions, attached with a material certificate and packing list, and the weight of a single box does not exceed 100kg

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