Titanium Dental Implants

CP Titanium for Dental Implants Titanium Alloy Block

CP Titanium for Dental Implants Titanium Alloy Block
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CP titanium for Dental Implants Titanium Alloy Block 

1:Materials : Gr1,Gr4,Gr5(Ti-6Al-4V) Titanium dental implants ;

2:Density : 4.51 g/cm3;

3:Melting temperature: 1667C;

4:Standard : Medical standard as ASTM F67,F136 ;


Titanium dental implants block have high strength and low density . Good corrosion resistance,It is widely used in medical devices, human implant materials. Titanium and the human body has a wide range of affinity, after implantation of the human body, will not be corroded, because of its high strength characteristics, can be used as an important bearing structure of the body.The purity will be 99.9% above . High purity titanium dental implants block will instead of other materials for Planting teeth. 

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