Titanium Bar

Titanium Copper Composite Bar Manufacturer of China

Titanium Copper Composite Bar Manufacturer of China
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Titanium Copper Composite Bar Manufacturer Of China

1Materials : GR1 Titanium +Copper;

2:Shape: Round Bar , Square Bar,Hex Bar;

3:Processing technology: Explosion +Rolling,

4:Shear stress : More than 130Mpa;

5:Fit rate : 98%above ;


Titanium Round Bar : 6~45mm, L:≥4m, titanium thickness: 0.7~2.5mm;


Side length:24x24mm, titanium thickness:0.7~2.5mm

Side length:27x27mm, titanium thickness:0.7~2.5mm

Side length:29x29mm, titanium thickness:0.7~2.5mm

Side length:32x32mm, titanium thickness:0.7~2.5mm


Dia:27mm, Side length:14, titanium thickness:0.7~2.5mm

Dia:29mm, Side length:14, titanium thickness:0.7~2.5mm

Dia:32mm, Side length:14, titanium thickness:0.7~2.5mm

Or according to clients demand

7:Advantage :

Titanium copper composite bar have excellent conductivity of copper and Corrosion resistance of titanium;


As the rack in the industry of Electroplating, electrolysis, electro position, 

wet metallurgy, hydrometallurgy, etc

9:Custom Service:

Our company can be customized according to the shape and size of your drawings , You only need to inform us of the conditions of use . We will provide you with a set of solutions and recommendations. 

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