Titanium Alloys For Exhaust System

Thin Wall Thickness Titanium Tubing

Thin Wall Thickness Titanium Tubing
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Diameter :

1.0”1.5”1.75”2.0“ 2.25”2.5”2.75”3.0”3.15”3.5”4.0” 5.0” ;

Thickness :1.0 mm and 1.2mm ;

Length : Less than 6000mm ;

Surface : polished surface and matt surface ;

Elongation after breaking : more than 32% ;

Application : Our company make thin wall thickness titanium tubing for welding titanium exhaust system  , The elongation is better, it can be used to bend the pipe, product titanium mandrel bends

Titanium elbows .

Titanium alloy is an ideal material for automobile exhaust cylinder modification, which reduces the weight and brings a more shocking sound. It is stainless steel that cannot be compared.

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