Titanium Alloys For Exhaust System

Thin Wall Thickness Polished Titanium Elbows

Thin Wall Thickness Polished Titanium Elbows
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Diameter :

1.0”1.5”1.75”2.0“ 2.25”2.5”2.75”3.0”3.15”3.5”4.0” 5.0” ;

Thickness :1.0 mm and 1.2mm ;

Radius : According to various common car models, titanium alloy elbows of various specifications and sizes developed by customized molds,

Surface : Polished and matt surface ;

The titanium alloy elbow has greatly reduced the number of welds while changing the direction of the pipeline. Compared with the previous titanium pie cut welding, the overall shape of the exhaust pipe is more beautiful.

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