Titanium Alloy For Chemical Equipment

GR1Titanium Elbows

GR1Titanium Elbows
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Product Details

Diameter :1.0”to 40” ;

Thickness : 1.0mm to 10mm ;

Radius : 1.0D 1.25D and 1.5D ,some size with customized radius in stock ;

Surface : Polished surface and Matte finish Sandblasted and brushed surfaces ;

Some size titanium thin wall thickness elbows are in stock for exhaust system

 1.0” 1.5” 1.75”2.0”2.25”2.38”2.5”2.75”3.0”3.25”3.5”4.0” are seamless titanium elbows and have some size in stock ;Thickness by 1.0mm 1.2mm and 1.5mm ; Save weight and with good surface ;

More than 4.0”to 40” with welding titanium elbows ;Sch10 Titanium elbows have some size in stock too  ;

Can be Customized Titanium elbows as order ;