Titanium Target

4n Purity Titanium Plate Target from China

4n Purity Titanium Plate Target from China
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4n Purity Titanium Plate Target From China

1:Materials : Gr1,CP1 Gr5 Titanium target;

2:thickness: 15mm-30mm,custom as drawings;

Length:200mm-400mm ,custom as drawings;

Width:20mm-120mm,custom as drawings;

3:Processing technology: Forged +CNC lather;

4:Other materials : Nickel,Zirconium,tungsten,molybdenum,tantalum,niobium round target , flat plate target and tubing target ;

5:Description : Our company can product High purity titanium plate and we have CNC machining center to custom titanium plate target . 4n purity titanium sputtering plate taget is for sputtering coating . In order to have good color and Strong adhesion. We must select high purity titanium materials to product them .



7:Payment Method:

T/T , L/C ,Paypal Payment / Western Union

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