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Nitinol memory alloy parameters:

1. Applications: For superelastic memory alloy mobile phone antenna, fishing hook, fishing rod, children's toy antenna, optical frames, Bluetooth headset, ear hook, and so on. With the development of the times began to gradually used in the ladies dress circle, as a scientific research materials, frequently appear in various types of material science and engineering institutions laboratory.

2. Product Features: With mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, with a fixed memory function, can phase change temperature, recovery memory shape.

3. Product Categories: temperature memory and flexible memory of two


Standard: Q / XB1516 Q / XB1520

Grade: TiNi-01 Phase transition temperature: 20 ℃ -40 ℃

TiNi-02 phase transition temperature: 45 ℃ -65 ℃

TiNi-SS phase transition temperature: 5 ℃ -15 ℃

TiNi-03 phase transition temperature: <5 ℃

TiNi-YY phase transition temperature: 33 ℃ ± 3 ℃

TiNiCU phase transition temperature: As-Ms≤5 ℃

TiNiNb Phase transition temperature: As-Ms <150 ° C

Nitinol physical properties of the alloy: Tensile strength: 850 MPa Yield strength: 195 ~ 690 MPa

Elongation: 25 ~ 50%

Nickel-titanium alloy Memory chemical composition: Ni: 55.4% - 56.2% C≤0.07 H≤0.005 O≤0.050 N: ≤ 0.05

Executive Standard: ASTM-2063-01 ASTM F2063-2000 Shape Memory Alloy Machined Materials

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