Molybdenum Pipe

Molybdenum Pipe
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Molybdenum and its various alloy materials:

No.: 361,364, MO1, TZM, MLa

Standard: ASTM B386-91, GB/T3876-83

Purity: ≥99.95%

Process: hot rolling, cold rolling, alkali washing, shearing, riveting.

Duration: Customized delivery within 20 days

Payment method: 30% deposit, 70% paid before delivery

Packing: Packed in a wooden box with a plastic partition, attached with a material certificate and packing list and other accessories, the weight of a single box does not exceed 100kg

And we can process samples and drawings according to customer's specifications.

Main features:

High melting point (2610°C)


Low thermal expansion rate

High thermal conductivity

Low vapor pressure

Excellent resistance to molten metal and glass corrosion


Element symbol: Mo

Atomic number: 42

Atomic weight: 95.94

Density: 10.22 g/cc at 20°C

Compression rate: 36 micron 2/N at 293°C


Melting point: 2610°C

Boiling point: 5560°C

Specific heat: 0.276 kJ/kg x K at 20°C

Latent heat of fusion: 270 kJ/kg (estimated)

Thermal conductivity: 142 W/m x K at 20°C

Heat of combustion: 7.58 MJ/kg Mo


Conductivity: 34% IACS at 0°C

Resistivity: 53.4 nΩ·m at 20°C

Thermal EMF: 1.45 mV (compared to platinum), 0 to 100°C

Electrochemical equivalent: Price 6, 0.1658 mg/C

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