What is the advantage of titanium alloy exhaust pipe?

Build a custom exhaust system with our selection of assorted mandrel-bent exhaust tubing amd pipes. We’ve got steel, mild steel, and stainless steel  and titanium exhaust tubing in a seemingly unlimited combination of lengths, bend angles, and radiuses to fit your space constraints. Choose from 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch, and 5-inch diameters—as well as a variety of sizes in between—to create the perfect balance of exhaust flow and backpressure for your engine. 

Titanium alloy with high strength, good corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, low density, light weight and so on. General titanium alloy density of about 60% of the steel, that is, under the same volume, it will be lighter than the latter. Because of these characteristics, titanium alloy is used in high-tech fields, such as the aviation industry. With the increasing demands of cars, people are asked to try to light, in order to achieve faster speed purposes, titanium alloy material is no doubt very much in line with this demand. Titanium alloy corrosion resistance is good, heat-resistant titanium alloy working temperature up to 800 degrees. Card Miao Si titanium exhaust pipe with the vehicle's driving time, will gradually become purple blue, tail Tsui issued a beautiful blue-violet light more attractive colors, to the rear to add a stronger sense of racing. The other is the titanium alloy exhaust pipe is very thin, the sound is particularly crisp and clear

 titanium alloy exhaust pipe.jpg

90 & 45 degree bends are best used in applications were the whole bend and a portion of the straight on each end are utilized.

If straight tube on each end is unnecessary, U & J bends can be cut to create two 45's and a 90.

In most cases a 90 is the only way to get the tightest radius. We offer 90's and 45's in a 1D bend for most sizes of tubing.