Tungsten crucible use, craft and classification

Tungsten crucible: According to the process can be divided into forging, sintering two.

Tungsten crucible heat temperature: tungsten melting point 3410 ℃, tungsten use temperature up to 2600 ℃.

Tungsten crucible manufacturing process:

1. Forging tungsten crucible is a solid tungsten rod, through the lathe car system, processing molding, the advantages of tungsten crucible density, durable.

2. Sintered tungsten crucible with tungsten powder firing molding, after the lathe processing. Features that can produce large size.

Tungsten crucible has a good high temperature oxidation resistance and resistance to electrochemical corrosion, is a good high temperature auxiliary materials. For sapphire single crystal growth furnace, with high purity, high density, no internal cracks, the size of precision, inside and outside the wall smooth tungsten crucible on the sapphire crystal growth process of seed crystal success rate, pull crystal quality control, As well as the useful life played a key role.

Tungsten crucible Product use: used in the optoelectronic industry and sapphire industry