Titanium foil is widely used

Titanium foil high strength, good corrosion resistance, excellent quality, low price, excellent corrosion resistance.

Titanium foil widely used, one for the speaker and speakers of the treble film, with titanium foil to do high fidelity, clear and bright voice. Two for tape recorders, video recorders, password magnetic card machines and other heads.

  The vibrator membrane made of pure titanium foil makes the creep of the loudspeaker small, and the vibrating film is greatly improved in the state of being bass and high. The recent force to attract the state, so if the creep variable, it can be a few years, Baoji Huiyou metal company can be sucked by the magnetic pole, affecting the frequency response. Titanium foil rolling, rolling pure titanium foil speaker diaphragm And the appropriate heat treatment can reduce the amount of creep. Titanium diaphragm with diamond-like diaphragm, titanium for the performance of the speaker and its surface treatment has a great relationship.

The titanium foil material also covers the following areas:

  Precision accessories titanium foil film dedicated titanium foil vacuum plating special sound film titanium foil titanium foil titanium alloy foil titanium with smooth titanium foil matt surface titanium foil curve surface treatment titanium foil ultra-thin titanium foil rolling titanium foil