Titanium foil can be cut with a good pair of scissors quite easily

Titanium foil can be cut with a good pair of scissors quite easily.  Holes can be punched using a standard hole punch

used for paper, though it will require a lot more force. For the most part you do not need a lot of expensive tools, or

much skill to work with it.  While a spot welder is really nice for sticking this stuff together, you can use staples too.  

The foil is about the same thickness as a sheet of paper, so when it comes time to prototype a project, just build it out of 

paper first.  When you get it right with the paper, you have a pattern to trace onto your foil.  

This foil is Grade 2 and can be bent and formed without heat.

Titanium foil project ideas:

Wind screens:   By cutting the foil to the inside height of your pot, you can roll the wind screen up and store it inside

your pot. A titanium wind screen built with .005" thick titanium will be very durable, and very stable in the wind. You can

use a hole punch to put holes around the bottom of it for intake air.   A 4" x 24" wind screen, with out holes in it, will weigh 

1.13oz, and last a lifetime.

Pot lid:    Using your existing pot lid, you can trace the right size circle onto your foil to create a super light weight lid.

With a hole punched in it, you can use your fork to remove it from the pot, and it will vent steam.

Lantern reflector:   Whether its a hood type, or a side style reflector, it should be pretty light built out of titanium.