Titanium coil ​with a large application range on chemical industry

Name Titanium Tube Coil

Material GR2 GR12

Standard ASTM B337,ASTM B338

Size of tube 25*1.5mm 32*2mm 45*2mm 51*2mm 68*3mm 76*3mm 89*3mm and so on

Style Titanium Coil.Snakelike-titanium coil.U-titanium coil.Titanium double coil.Titanium coil type heat exchanger.Titanium double set coil.U-titanium coil type heat exchanger.Titanium tube type heat exchanger.Suspension type titanium coil.Double inlet and double outlet single-layer titanium coil.single-layer titanium coil and multi-layer

Titanium coil with a large application range on chemical industry.petroleum.metallurgy.electricity generation.desalination plant.chlor-alkali.salt manufacturing.Titanium coil also use for produce titanium pigment.glycin.Saltpetre amino phenol.pesticide.Chemical fuel.Pesticide intermediates.cyanuric acid.dichlord isocyanurice acid.trichlorocyanuric acid.


1) Titanium with a good corrosion resistance. Then the thickness of coil can

be thinner. It can develop the heat-conducting property of heat exchanger.

2)Polish of surface without schmutzband then make the dirty factor be very low

3) low density, High strength, The same volume will with a lower quality than most of the metal.