Titanium alloy material in the use of bicycles

    The unique properties of the titanium material make it an excellent material for making a bicycle frame. Its high strength, low density, low elastic modulus, excellent fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance make the titanium alloy frame made Durable, and very light.

     Titanium material will not break, will not rust, in any atmospheric environment will not be corroded. Titanium is so resistant to corrosion, even without any paint treatment, we just gently rub the surface to brighten its natural qualities, and Titanium color is more able to reflect this low-key luxury texture, Van Nicholas (Vatican. Nicholas) firmly believe that a little. Now you know how nice it is to make a frame of material with titanium, and it looks like it's a little flash

      The traditional 3AL / 2.5V tubing will withstand the greatest stress at the weld, as there is a thermal zone. For a pipe frame, the maximum stress is far away from the welding. The use of 3AL / 2.5V made of double pumping pipe will be in weight, maximum stress, shape and safety than traditional pipe has an advantage.