Ti 6Al 4V (Grade 5) Titanium Alloy Data Sheet

Cold Working

Ti 6AL 4V is not easily cold worked due to its low elastic modulus meaning it has a tendency to resume its prior shape. Grade 5 can be cold drawn and extruded though this is typically confined to smaller industrial processing facilities on commercially pure grades of titanium.

Weldability of Ti-6Al-4v alloy

Ti 6Al-4V can be welded using Ti 6Al-4V as a filler metal. The metal has to be shielded with inert gases to prevent the pickup of oxygen in the weld area which can cause embrittlement and failure.  Gas tungsten arc welding is the most commonly used welding process for Ti 6Al-4V alloy, though gas metal arc welding is used for welding thicker sections.

Ti 6Al-4V can be successfully welded using plasma arc welding, spot welding, electron beam, laser beam, resistance welding and diffusion welding.

Machinability of Ti6Al4V grade 5

Ti6Al4V parts have good machinability and can be machined as stock parts. The following factors contribute to efficient machining of Ti6Al4V parts:  Low cutting speeds, high feed rate, generous quantities of cutting fluid, sharp tools and a rigid setup. You can learn more on our machining page.