The future development trend of titanium metal materials

Future development trends, the demand for titanium material production increased rapidly, the application of non-ferrous metal materials is mainly used as functional materials and structural materials, if a metal only as a functional material market is relatively small, as the space for structural materials quite big. If you want to answer the future growth of titanium metal where the explosive growth of the time point and the catalyst where it depends on the development of civilian titanium, especially in the field of structural functions of titanium, titanium and civilian use of structural purposes May make titanium the fourth metal.

In addition to the production technology, to consider the economic applicability of titanium production, why titanium applications in the field of titanium, mainly because of your domestic production of titanium sponge production costs is 5-6 million last year's sponge titanium sold 4-5 million, Is the loss of selling, may be the cost of some manufacturers is 40,000, mainly the concept of the whole process, you can buy titanium slag, 4 titanium chloride production of titanium, titanium production costs may be different.