Racing with titanium/Ti3AL/2.5V environmental protection and energy saving

Titanium Alloy ASTM ASME Grade 9 UNS R56320 Ti36Al2.5V Ti-3-2.5

Titanium alloy Gr9 can be used in higher temperatures than commercially pure titanium grades 1-4, as it can be cold rolled with its excellent corrosion resistance capability its used in industrial, aerispace and sporting equipments. Ti 3-2.5 is also otherwise called half grade of grade 5.

Made of Ultra light Ti3AL/2.5V Aerospace seamless titanium double butted tube - Handwelding - Finished surface of hand brushed or sand blasting

Bicycles are driven by manpower and therefore need to be very light, especially when considering the speed of the game

Racing, if the weight of the car to reduce 1 gram, you can fight for a thousandth of a second time. General bicycles use 36 strips, while titanium bicycles with 24 is enough, not only to reduce the weight, but also reduce the wind resistance. Titanium and titanium alloy, first from the parts on the use

Racing with titanium environmental protection and energy saving

Due to the excellent physical and mechanical properties of titanium, it has been used in racing and limited production of singular sports cars. Titanium in the automotive industry can greatly reduce the weight of the car, reduce its fuel consumption, protect the environment and reduce noise. Titanium properties have been in the car has been a very good expression.

Almost all the metal parts on the car can be made of titanium and titanium alloy, such as: bolts, connecting rods, rocker, buffer rear bracket, exhaust pipe, return pipe, valve, valve spring, brake, transmission parts. In addition, titanium can also be used for surface coating, and has been used to improve the surface of the brake plate performance, which can ensure that the brake plate light, long life. Titanium used in cars can extend the service life of valves, springs and connecting rods.

Titanium is used in a variety of ways

Climbing and skiing equipment is moving towards light weight, miniaturization direction. Titanium, which has the advantages of light weight, high strength and low impact value at low temperature, has been widely used as superior mountain climbing and ski tool material, such as titanium climbing stick, mountaineering nail, rock climbing fastener, skiing Stick, ice knife and so on. Titanium sporting goods are: fencing protective masks, swords, fishing rods, fishing bobbin, rowing parts, for the track and field running shoes with the injection molding Ti-Fe Department of soles and so on.