puhui ti-zr has been committed to the development of titanium alloy exhaust pipe

With the current domestic car modification market on the general car, luxury cars, sports cars and cars on the use of titanium alloy exhaust pipe increased year by year, the past few years,Baojishi puhui ti-zr co,.ltd

has been committed to the development of titanium alloy exhaust pipe, Also has to help Japan, Europe and the United States foreign processing titanium alloy exhaust pipe. puhui ti-zr's titanium alloy material is fully used Japanese Nippon Steel Titanium, with the Japanese titanium technology (titanium alloy double-layer welding), efforts to puhui ti-zr alloy quality and international synchronization.

    Titanium alloy is a new type of structural and functional materials, it has excellent overall performance, low density, high strength. Titanium alloy than the strength of aluminum and steel, toughness and steel is also quite. Titanium alloy coring performance is good, heat-resistant titanium alloy working temperature up to about 800 degrees. Titanium alloy is also very light, used in the car exhaust pipe to reduce the weight to achieve faster speed. Another advantage is that ultra-thin titanium alloy exhaust pipe to play a clear and crisp exhaust sound, driving purple blue luster changes are also full of charm. Issued a beautiful purple blue light titanium alloy tail Tsui, can make the rear add Racing sense.