Most titanium frames are made from 3Al/2.5V tubing

1. Titanium alloy can produce very light weight and very large frame, titanium and steel strength and almost, but the weight is only half the steel, so the same strength of the titanium alloy frame will be much lighter than the steel frame.

2. Titanium alloy has a very good flexibility, which makes it in the absorption of riding vibration contributed Titanium alloy frame has a very good comfort, and titanium is a memory of the metal, it is in its own deformation within the scope of almost unlimited life, that is to buy a titanium alloy frame is a Once and for all.

3. Under normal conditions, titanium almost no corrosion phenomenon.

4. Riding a good sense of titanium is also used in the spring on the shock absorber. Now the frame made of titanium is suitable for long riding. Some riders love the titanium frame, that riding a very good ride.

Most titanium frames are made from 3Al/2.5V tubing (where titanium is alloyed with 3% aluminium and 2.5% vanadium) and 6Al/4V, a harder grade of titanium, is seen on much more expensive framesets. Because it’s hard and expensive to make 6Al/4V into seamless tubes, it’s often used for machined parts like dropouts and head tubes.