GR9 3AL/2.5V Mountain Bike Frame

1. Material: Titanium alloy, GR9 3AL/2.5V

2. Frame size: 48m, or as customer's request
3. Weight: 1.3-1.8kg

4. Wheel Size:26",27.5"

5. Brake: disc brake or V-brake

6. Derailleur: 27speed or as customer's need

7. Welding process: Manual argon arc welding
8. Surface process: Hand brushing or sand blasting

*Ti-3AL/2.5V---Seamless Double Butted Tubing

3AL/2.5(3%Al, 2.5%V, and 94.5% Ti) titanium tubing is the best grade material-Grade9.

*It has features of high point of yield strength and good ductility and be well made for welding.

*Eachframemade by 3AL/2.5V for main structure.

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