Differences between titanium screws and traditional screws

  Titanium screws and general stainless steel, iron, copper screws are the same, but the material is titanium material, the general titanium material is pure titanium TA2 and titanium alloy TC4 material. Titanium screws raw materials are more expensive, to do is also very beautiful, it seems handicrafts, titanium acid corrosion, so the general price of titanium screws are relatively high.

     Titanium screws as the production of raw materials, titanium is a very strong activity of a metal, compared with the traditional stainless steel, titanium screws, flexibility and better oxidation resistance. In a variety of industries more widely used, ordinary stainless steel screws in high pressure environment compared with the titanium screws, titanium screws more compressive capacity, so in the space metal, will choose titanium alloy to produce, titanium screws as one of the connection Pieces

  Titanium Nut For Specification:

Item Name

Titanium Fastener


Pure Titanium and Alloy Titanium


Gr2 and Gr5 (Popular Grade)



DIN or Non-Standard


Bolt: M4-M64*L6—300mm      Nut: M4-M64      Washer: M4-M64

Surface  Treatment 

Polishing, Anodizing, Black oxide


light weight, Excellent resistance, anti-corrosion, excellent mechanical strength


Equipment accessories: airplane, ship, bicycle, motorcycle, auto, medical, chemical, wheelchair, sports, anchor, weapon, etc.