Development and Application of Titanium

1 . Application of Titanium in Vehicle Industry

Titanium used in the car can play a weight loss, energy saving, shock absorption, noise reduction, pollution reduction, life extension and other comprehensive role. Replacement of titanium parts in the car are: spring, connecting rod, shaft, valve, valve seat, rocker, exhaust pipe, muffler, door frame, front baffle, rear baffle, door, Fasteners, studs, wheels and exhaust systems in the suction valve and exhaust valve, compared to the traditional iron-based parts to reduce the weight of 30% to 70%, saving 2% to 3%.

Titanium in the motorcycle is mainly used for exhaust pipe, silencer, sleeve, hanging spring, sprocket, transmission chain and screws. Titanium is mainly used in bicycles for frames, pedals.

2  .titanium in the sports and leisure products industry

Baotan Group has developed a full titanium badminton racket, frame with pure titanium, long handle with titanium alloy (Ti-3Al-2.5V), and has commercialized.

Titanium as a superior mountaineering and ski tool materials have been widely used, such as titanium climbing sticks, hiking soles nails, pins, ski poles, ice sticks, ice knives and so on.

Titanium sports, leisure products are: sword, fishing rod, fishing with bobbin, rowing parts, track and field running soles, fencing protective masks, titanium massage ball.

3 .titanium in the daily necessities industry application

(1) used as shell material: computer, camera, game, mobile phone, razor, lighter, suitcase and other shell;

(2) for lightweight materials: knives, frames, crutches, fishing rods, watches, hairdressing scissors, antennas, musical instruments, kitchen utensils;

(3) handicrafts and decorative materials: titanium plate painting, pen holder and ink cartridges, titanium jewelry and so on. Surface nitriding or anodic oxidation of the titanium surface to show a variety of bright colors (gold, yellow, blue, purple, green), play a decorative role.