Customization Gr2 Titanium forging disc ASTM B381

Titanium forgings are used for their durability and lightweight characteristics in a number of industries such as the aviation industry. As with other forgeable alloys, the mechanical properties of titanium alloys can be affected not just by alloy content, but by the forging and thermal processes utilized. Titanium is also highly reactive to oxygen, and titanium alloys must be protected during forging from contamination by oxygen and other elements, such as carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen.

Careful, continuous quality control is essential during titanium forging. 

 All the Customers  can rest assured that their satisfaction with the quality of the company’s forgings, whether of titanium or other alloys, is always the company’s ultimate objective. In addition, we are dedicated to providing cost effective service to its customers.  Solutions Teams? work closely with customers to develop efficient materials supply plans that can reduce customer costs while ensuring on time delivery and improving inventory management.