Common defects and prevention of titanium steel composite board

Titanium steel clad plate is produced by explosion compounding or explosion-rolling compounding, which has the excellent performance of both and the cost is lower. Production, the common quality problems are: composite board defects and welding defects. The former is mainly the combination of rate is not enough, the titanium layer and the local surface layer of steel cracks; the latter mainly stomata, cracks, incomplete penetration, slag. The prevention measures are as follows:

1, composite board defects

1) Adhere to the incoming reinspection system, the combined state of composite panels should be tested one by one. The focus is on transition joints, flanges and more. Titanium does not consider the strength of composite panels, testing requirements around the scope of 50mm wide continuous 100% ultrasonic flaw detection, the remaining area to do 200mm spacing testing. The rest, 100% flaw detection.

2) Poor ductility of composite board, it is necessary to re-anneal, eliminate stress and improve its performance, to prevent subsequent production defects.

3) To the reel, stamping head and other involved board needs bending operation, when the temperature is low, to the flame preheat the curved parts, to prevent the bubble or crack.

4) In the planing break, drill pipe hole operations, blanking and drilling operations to try to from the titanium layer to the steel processing, to prevent the composite board ripped or crack.

2, welding defects

1) Welding titanium layer with a purity of not less than 99.99% of the argon gas to do the protection. In addition, the wire does not allow cracks, mezzanine.

2) carefully clean before welding, welding work area. Ambient temperature is below 5 ℃, the application of flame preheat the steel surface.

3) For the titanium steel composite plate equipment, titanium welding process for the strip processing, about 15mm edge of the composite plate within the titanium layer to be removed, the first welded steel weld, and then 50mm wide titanium strip steel welding seam completely covered , The titanium layer welding, while argon protection.

4) The micro-cracks on the surface of the composite board must be removed after the defect repair welding. For small cracks can be used directly welding method.

5) for the production and inspection found during the non-bonding, if the area must be replaced by material, if the area is small, you can use remedial, non-binding area with titanium rivets for reinforcement, rivets less appropriate.