Classification of the titanium screws advantages and application

first. The titanium screw is The classification, titanium screws

1. Titanium screw :Titanium round head screw, Titanium tapping screw, Titanium hexagon screws, Titanium countersunk head screw, , Titanium word lag screw, Titanium double-headed screw, Titanium non-standard screws, Titanium fastening screws, Titanium standard screws, Titanium countersunk head screw;

2. Titanium bolts:Titanium Outside hexagon bolt, Titanium square neck bolt, Titanium round head, Titanium countersunk head bolts, Titanium carriage bolts, Titanium sets of cushion combination bolts,  all kinds of instrument lathe, special non-standard bolt;

3. Titanium nut: Titanium hexagonal nut, Titanium locking nut, Titanium ring round nut, Titanium knurled nuts, Titanium slotted nuts, Titanium precision machinery with hexagonal nut, Titanium non-standard nut.

Second, the advantages of titanium screws

1. The titanium screw is non-magnetic, non-toxic, titanium is nonmagnetic metal, will not be magnetized in large magnetic field, nontoxic and good intermiscibility with renti tissue and blood and so adopted by the medical community.

2. Titanium screws with damping resistance.Titanium by mechanical vibration, electric vibration, compared with steel, copper, its longest vibration attenuation.

3. High tensile strength.The properties of titanium shows its showed high (tensile strength/yield strength), said the titanium material in forming the difference of plastic deformation.Because of titanium yield limit and elastic modulus ratio is large, to make the titanium forming ability to rebound.

4. Titanium screw heat transfer performance is good.The coefficient of thermal conductivity of titanium than low carbon steel and copper, but due to the excellent corrosion resistance of titanium, so wall thickness can be thinned greatly, and the surface and the heat exchange way as the dropwise condensation of steam, reducing the heat group, too surface scaling can reduce thermal resistance, made of titanium heat exchanger performance significantly improved.