Automobile exhaust pipe modification of the matters needing attention and basic

Nowadays the most popular modification part is the titanium exhaust pipe, the installation of a large diameter and breathtaking exhaust pipe, the vehicle will run faster, in fact, this is a misunderstanding

Sports car engine displacement, high speed, natural momentum, sports car manufacturers in order to maximize the engine power, deliberately use muffler muffler effect. Because the muffler to be effective, it will inevitably lead to engine exhaust resistance increases, power reduction.

Sports car is the pursuit of sound good, there is passion. Rather than the sound of large, noise, sports car manufacturers tend to invest a lot of energy to study how to make exhaust pipe to make the sound nice.

Automobile exhaust pipe modification of the matters needing attention and basic knowledge:

About power output:

After the completion of the exhaust pipe is better than the original exhaust pipe ventilation, which made a very three of these components, making the exhaust more smoothly, but also makes the power output has improved, the torque probably raised 5 ~ 10nm, Horsepower also has a slight increase.

However, there will be a resonance in the 1800 ~ 2000 turn there, it is also to pay special attention to more than 6000 rpm exhaust effect is weakened, which is due to the proportion of the intake rate, if you want to increase the exhaust effect, But also to make the conversion.

In recent years, the titanium alloy tail exhaust pipe, not only high temperature, durability has been greatly improved, the exhaust efficiency is also due to the improvement of exhaust temperature has been greatly improved, and titanium tail pipe exhaust pipe light weight, material strength , With the same specifications of the stainless steel tail exhaust pipe compared to the weight can be reduced by 40%, the wall can be thin 30%. However, due to the difficulty of processing titanium alloy materials, but also need to use laser welding, so the cost of nearly double the price of stainless steel products.