Application of Titanium Alloy in High Technology

Google launched the Titanium Edition Google Glasses (Glass Titanium Collection), glasses frame on the use of titanium material, strong, light. At present, the titanium alloy version of the glasses provides four different designs, different colors of the frame.

Titanium than solid and light stainless steel, corrosion resistance Ye Hao, can be described as a kind of attractive metal. But in general, titanium is too expensive for the mass consumer market, so it is more used in high-end, or need high-performance market areas, such as aerospace, sailing, sports competitions.

And because of the inertness of titanium and its durability, titanium brand-name jewelry (especially the titanium ring) began to universal, has become the ideal material for the watch shell.

In addition, some items can be sold in high-priced markets, both lightweight and corrosion-resistant, but also with titanium alloy, such as wild shovels, flashlights, fork spoon and so on.

Titanium processing, cutting, welding, electroplating and so on the production process requirements are high. Especially in the cutting temperature fast, easy to sinter on the cutting tool. For this reason, titanium generally gives the impression that it is very difficult to process, and many people feel that this is a material that can not be designed freely.

Due to the affinity for the human body and the ability to rust, the titanium is well received by the medical field and the wearable terminal field. So what is the charm of this material in terms of creativity?

Titanium is brighter than aluminum, and is exceptionally bright than stainless steel. Figure 1 in the yellow-green ① and blue ② hue peculiar, reminiscent of the color of bronze and the sea. Another feature is that other metals do not have, titanium can retain the metal texture at the same time, without painting, you can achieve the matte finish (④ ).