Aerospace fastener market situation

World famous Company Profile 

The world aerospace fasteners mainly from the United States, Alcoa (Alcoa), the United States casting (SPS), France Rees Space Group (Lisi Hi-shear), the United States Boeing (Boeing), the world's larger companies tightening Monogram firmware and the US companies highly specialized companies monopolized and Russia aerospace fastener is self-contained for its domestic use.  Every fastener company has its good products, and the majority of products for several companies cover each other, thus constituting aerospace fasteners supply network to meet the needs of the major aircraft manufacturers. 

There are a variety of aerospace fasteners Category: Removable or not divided by removable fasteners and permanent fasteners, which include removable fastener bolts, screws and nuts, the permanent lock bolt fasteners including high / High-locking nuts, conventional rivets Central trough rivets, blind rivets, inserts and the like; or not by easy installation into open structure using fasteners and fastener do not use open architecture; load divided by force a tensile shear type fasteners and fastener; can be divided according to the assembly precision fasteners and interference-gap type fasteners. Aerospace fasteners are classified by product type is more common, can be divided into: rivets, bolts (screws), Nuts, single fasteners, specialty fasteners and other types of products, each category includes a plurality varieties, specifications, to meet the different materials, installation requires structure.